September 14th, 2010 browsing by day


Tuesday Sept 14. Bad News.

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I took off this morning. Beautiful morning. But I did not get far. The exhaust was again spewing crud and I was losing power. Back to the same spot in Calafat. I figured it had to be more bad fuel. I checked the filter and indeed there were some nasty things floating in the bottom. So I drained the entire tank. Filthy job. Would have been easier before I added the 5 gallons yesterday. Then I checked the oil level and I had a nasty surprise. Water in the oil. Another filthy task hand pumping the water and oil out. Then I called for the mechanic. Took the rocker head off. One busted rocker arm …. and most likely a busted head gasket and possible damage to the cylinder head and/or valves. So, this will take time and money. After all the rain and dark skies and stormy weather it has now turned to ideal boating weather. I’d better get settled in here and by the time I’m done here I might know every one in Calafat  by their first names.