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September 16. Possibly better news on engine

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I took the head off today and recovered the broken part of the rocker arm in the exhaust manifold. There was no damage to the head gasket. And the pistons seem to be turning o.k. So, now is the question, what did the black smoke and the water in the engine have to do with this?  I am waiting for my Dutch Diesel Doctors to read me the analysis. If it is just the head gasket and a new rocker arm I may not be here too terribly long.

There is an outside possibility that the water was forced into the engine through the exhaust when I was dragged all over the river last Friday night by the helpful Border Police. They pulled me from the stern because I had asked them to try and circle the boat back out of the wrap around the keel. But they did not understand and started dragging me to deeper water at great speed, from the stern. I was sure they were going to break my rudder. But why would I not have checked my oil level before I took off two days ago after I thought I had solved the problem, as dirty fuel.

Since I do not have much better to do here then wait for advice I started on some projects. The dry warm weather is ideal for recaulking some of the worn teak deck seams. So I am caulking or Kalafatern, in Calafat where the word originated…. I also had some weather damage from the snow standing on the deck this winter. I hand sanded in the heat for hours which would have taken me an hour at moist with a machine, and primed. But I have not much better to do here. I finished “Shantaram” . This book has made a pronounced affect on me. It will probably remain the best writing, story and message by far over anything I have read. Find out for yourself!