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May 22nd Saturday Evening Post

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

There are 4 birthdays on my calendar today. My sister Karolien, my longtime friend Judy Burcar, my son in law Sean and my grandson David. ´´Fleetwood´´ is back at the `Schinkel`with a fresh anti fouling coat. The harbor master sold me a gallon of anti fouling paint out of his 5 gallon drum. It was supposed to be red, like I had applied last year in Florida, it turned out to be dark brown, which matches the color scheme very well. But I have this fear of getting too close to the color of a whale. Dirk Jan suggested I apply yellow polka dots.

I wrote a story for ´´Zeilen´´, the most read sailing monthly in Holland, about the January-February 2008 trek south through the Intra Coastal Waterway. It was published in their last January issue. They sent me a PDF copy of it this week and you can read it at: Coastal Waterway.pdf   I think that they did an excellent job in the lay out. Even if you do not read Dutch you should take a look.  This is a beautiful part of the United States in the winter time. There is slide show of this trip at:  One of the many birds I photographed on that trip is the Blue Heron. The below picture is another Heron I spotted riding the bike to the boat along the Nieuwe Meer.