February 21st, 2010

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Sunday Feb 21

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Chúa O Cung tôi Trong Luc Gian Truan!” = ” O Lord be with me when I am in trouble!”  This is today’s responsorial song in every Catholic, Episcopalian and Lutheran first Sunday in Lenten season service. The gospel and sermon were about Jesus’ 40 days fast in the desert. There are no English or French services in Nha Trang but all one needs to do is go on the internet to get the text of readings and gospel. And the liturgy is universal. I was raised protestant but prefer the predictability when visiting in countries where I am unfamiliar with the language. The Cathedral of Christ the King in Nhatrang is a neo gothic style building erected by the French and finished in 1934. It has excellent accoustics. The church was full and it is so good to see so many young people attend. Much of the liturgy is sung and sung well with everyone participating, by heart. It is so rewarding to be with my brothers and sisters of a people that have become so dear to me.

It had Oeufs Benedicte at “Le petit Bistro” and a real cup of coffee, before mass. Early afternoon I went for a swim in front of the hotel. The tooth ache still comes and goes but went without pain killers since yesterday afternoon.