February 28th, 2010

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Feb 28. It’s my birthday and Ill cry if I want to….

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

By now you know that I have a fascination with birds and the moon. Today is full moon in Nhatrang and  in Europe and the Americas. But in Australia, New Zealand and Beijing it will be tomorrow, March 1st and this means that this part of the world will have the second blue moon in the same year,in January and in March, a rare occurrence.

City Time zone Full Moon 1 Full Moon 2 Full Moon 3 Full Moon 4 Full Moon 5
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Auckland¹ GMT + 13 hours Dec 2
Jan 1
Jan 30
Mar 1
Mar 30
Sydney¹ GMT + 11 hours Dec 2
Jan 1
Jan 30
Mar 1
Mar 30
Tokyo GMT + 9 hours Dec 2
Jan 1
Jan 30
Mar 1
Mar 30
GMT + 8 hours Dec 2
Jan 1
Jan 30
Mar 1
Mar 30
Ho Chi Minh
GMT + 7 hours Dec 2
Jan 1
Jan 30
Feb 28
Mar 30

see more at : http://www.obliquity.com/astro/blue2009.html 

I purposely switched to the bay view room to get a good picture of the moon rise. And guess what? I just got totally engrossed in an article I was researching that I caught the moon a half hour too late and then my camera battery was dead… I’ll try again tomorrow but I am afraid there will not be enough daylight then to get a horizon. My next opportunity will be at Lisa’s in March with the Cascades as the horizon. The below moon shots were taken on the 27th. My previous one was in Luang Prabang, Laos, on January 30, the Blue Moon.

Today also happens to be my twin brother’s 73rd birthday. I celebrate my 65th because I have been at sea 4 years since 2005 and for every year at sea one goes backward one year.  Another rare re-occurence, February 28 in 1937 was also a Sunday. Sunday’s  Child is full of Grace…. I received a number of well wishes but the 5 children and several family members and friends are in deep doo-doo. I’ll just cry and pout for a while and then I’ll be looking for a few urchins here to write into my generous will. It will also save me a heap of dough on the gold and precious stones I was going to bring back for them.

I went to 9.30 mass at the cathedral “Christ le Roi”. Though I do not understand the sermon I feel totally connected to my brothers and sisters and my Maker and my King.