Sunday 2 Aug

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 2nd, 2009

At 19.15 I am at 45.22 N 9.51 W, 285 miles to Loctudy, a 100 mile day. The winds started to steadily increase as of this morning and we are again running down wind with about 20/25 knots from the S.W. under just the storm jib, doing better than 5 knots. It has been a dark cloudy day. And I dug out my warm sleeping bag and wearing my one piece polypropylene jump suit. From what we hear on the radio the home front in the Pacific N.W. is sweltering in 35 Centigrade heat wave and devastating forest fires in British Columbia. This wind and direction should last into Tuesday and will bring us close to Loctudy. We have to cross the shipping channel coming out of the English Channel towards the Straits of Gibraltar. I’ll try to do this in daylight, to-morrow or Tuesday. I usually try to listen to a religious radio program on Sunday but these are scarce approaching this continent… in sharp contrast to the Bible Belt and Caribbean. Ron is cooking dinner, the very last of the cabbage, onion, stir fried with sausage and rice.


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