Monday August 3rd, just another two days till Loctudy

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 3rd, 2009

At 16.00 hrs UTC I am at 46.09 N 7.59 W with 186 miles to go, a 113 mile day. That same 20/25 knot S.W. wind is pushing us at a good pace. The weather has been dreary, dark, drizzle, light rain, poor visibility. We are to have the same conditions to-morrow and then light winds and hopefully some sunshine on our day of arrival. We are now starting to get into traffic and should cross the main N.S. traffic lane to-morrow during daylight. Since the wind is practically dead aft the boat rolls a lot and I rolled onto the floor out of my bunk twice, last night. A pod of dolphins showed up an hour ago, a sure sign that we are getting closer to shore. No luck on the trap lines.


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