Sunday September 25. A hot summer day in the first days of autumn.

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 26th, 2016

It is 9.30 pm and it is still in the eighties, here in Alameda. I’m back in the Encinal YC after my three night stay at the Grand marina.  This  spot is a sailor’s dream. I cannot think of a a place where a sailor can avail himself of all the conveniences within a 5 mile radius, sail makers, yacht brokers, technicians, second hand consignment stores like the Blue Pelican, Svendsen Boat Yard and marine supply store., etc., etc., good restaurants, super markets. In Seattle it would take you two days to reach these conveniences that are here within a short walk or folding bike ride.

I stopped in at the Alameda Marina, yesterday. That is where I prepared “Fleetwood” in 2005 after it had been launched from the trailer in February at the Nelson Boat Yard in Alameda. This morning I attended 9.30 am mass at St. Joseph in Alameda, just like I did in 2005. What a lift for the week among the great ethnic mix, Filipinos and other Asians, Latinos, African Americans and whites. The basilica was nearly full. There are four services on Sunday/Saturday vigil. A good size choir and outstanding director and organist. The average age was in the forties. lots of children. The envy of many American parishes and a dream for European pastors. Only the underground persecuted church in China can better this.  The gospel Luke 16:19-31 was the familiar parable of the rich man and Lazarus. And I discovered something new in the gathering song: “God whose purpose is to Kindle, now ignite us with your Fire….”. So, is it possible that Jeff Bezos’ inspiration came from this hymn for “Kindle Fire”?

I have sold more “SoloMan” books here since my Thursday arrival than I did at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. The color and black and white print versions are now also available at the Blue Pelican in the Grand Marina. I will be keeping them stocked up from now on. Saturday evening Mark and Meg invited me over for shiskebab and wine on their boat in the Grand Marina and yesterday evening I dined on the club deck with Catherine and Gilles, a French couple members of the Encinal YC. The swimming pool below us was still crowded and a steady parade of sailboats returning under spinnaker from a beautiful weekend on the bay.dsc_0059


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  1. Linda Tuell says:

    Greetings from Gig Harbor! Have really enjoyed following your blog, Jack, and relieved to hear you made it safely into Alameda. Yikes! I’ll be golfing with Maggi today, and Judy left yesterday for her journey back to Colorado. Just wanted to say “hi”. Take good care, Linda….your new friend. ?

  2. Hi Linda, Welcome aboard for the ride my new friend.Enjoy the last farewell of the summer. It will be in the nineties here again. Say hi to Maggi.

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