Sunday October 12. Preaching to the choir?

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 12th, 2014

I went to 8.30 mass and just have to share with you my gratitude of coming out of the church with joy and new inspiration. We happen to be very fortunate with our new priest father Mark Guzman. The first reading was from Isaiah 25 “He has destroyed death” and the second reading is Paul’s letter to the Philippians 4 verse 12 “ I know how to live modestly, and I know how to live luxuriously too: in every way now I have mastered the secret of all conditions: full stomach and empty stomach, plenty and poverty”. This happens to hit close to home. I was a millionaire and lost it all and now live just on my social security checks. My financial loss turned out to become the best thing that could have happened to me.. The gospel was Matthew 22, the parable of the King who was snubbed by his invited wedding guests.

But before church I listened to an interview of Neil Young on his book “Super Delux”, about his passion for unusual automobiles. Two things struck home again. He told how he likes to listen to music on his car radio because the scenery changes like in a video and it gives him new ideas. And there is one thing I do miss, by not having a car and go for a road trip. I miss certain things, but the trade off, for what I do have, far outweighs my many blessings. The second was Neil’s answer to the question why he is so vocal about the need to preserve the planet. Part of his answer was that because his name is so well known that he can use this to his advantage to promote his concerns. I fear that I may annoy some of you with my favorite subjects, my gratitude to be a child of God, the persecution of God’s church in China, etc. Who am I to mention this here? My past life is no shining example. But I pray regularly: “God use me!”

Life is good. On my walk back to the boat I stumbled on this field of gorgeous fresh Porcini (Boletus/Eekhoorntjesbrood) mushrooms. Much better than what I showed you last October in Port Camargue and in December on Ibiza. I will have a feast! Friday, at the Food Bank, I was given a huge steak. Steak is not normally in my budget but the mushrooms will go well with it. I need to go out, like the King in Matthew, and gather up some dinner guests.

Take a good look, at the picture I took in my front yard aquarium, the intricate make up of this Sea Nettle. Always the same numbers of medusa’s, arms, the three leaved clover. How can anyone insist that this can be explained as a scientific origin? I have a very difficult time understanding how one can be grateful for these miraculous creatures when you do not know the Donor?

I shut up.

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  1. Bill Hotaling says:

    Jack, one of the best things about your blog is the fact that you speak of God and his greatness. That you visit many churches and do more than just sit in the pew. I enjoy your visits to the many countries and that you speak of the congregations there, and the choirs you attend. Please continue to do so. You are an inspiration, and clearly a man who seeks to serve the Lord. God Bless and I look forward to your upcoming travels with the “new” Fleetwood.

  2. Thank you very much Bill.

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