Friday January 31st. Back in Haarlem

Written by Jack van Ommen on January 31st, 2014

My cousin Karel and his wife Ankie returned a day earlier from their ski holiday in Italy. There were severe snow warnings and as it turns out they would have had a real hard time getting out of the mountains today. Northern Italy and south eastern Austria got a 1 meter (3,3 foot) dump yesterday and a similar amount is expected before tomorrow.

I’ll be missing my feline friends, Mickey and Beau. I have never been much of a domestic animal lover but these critters were so amusing. The chickens are the dumbest of God’s creation. But their fresh eggs make up for their stupidity. And that way you don’t need to feel so bad when they are ready to be brought to the dinner table. Eck en Wiel (My nephew calls it Egg and Wheel..) is a beautiful part of Holland. Along the lower Rhine.


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