Thursday October 24, Port Camargue

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 24th, 2013

I am being eaten alive by the mosquitoes. They are trying to find a spot I did not smear repellent on.  Turns out the mast stepping is tomorrow. I am all set up for it. One disappointment the multiplexer I ordered and paid for cannot be sent to me till Monday and would then arrive Wednesday. Why did the guy not tell me that before I jumped through hoops to get an address for him and make the payment after PayPal  went through the same nonsense as the bank problems I have had.

I discovered a broken wire between the ICOM radio and the Pactor Modem and no-one can solder it here. So what to do? I believe it is the audio connection A long single pin goes into the SSB radio and an eight wire pin into the modem. But when I cut the 8 pin connector open it looks like it connect to just one wire and a ground shield. t would take a week to get a replacement, I figure. Wi-Fi is tough to find I am sitting now in a park to get the signal from the Tourist Office. Yesterday at McDonalds was worse no place to hook my power cord to either. So I have to work fast and keep it short then I can recharge on the boat.

Yesterday I saw lots of Pink Flamingos in the salt marshes along the canal to the open sea. But my camera is not giving me a good clear picture any longer. I may have to look for a new and more powerful lens.


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  1. Dennis & Griet says:

    Dag Jack,

    We hebben uw blog gevonden en zijn vanaf nu “volgers”. Heel interessant allemaal. We zijn de eigenaars van de Belgische boot waar u naast gelegen heeft in Aïgues-Mortes.

    Ivm uw elektronisch probleem. Kom gerust eens langs. Wij staan op Zone Technique 2 voor de winkel Ettore Yachting. Dennis kent wel wat van elektronica en kan u misschien helpen. Overdag zijn we aan het schuren en verven maar vanaf 18u hebben we normaal meer tijd. Of als het regent zeker.

    Ivm internet, op de WIFI TEC gratuit kunt u elke dag een uurtje gratis surfen. Wij kunnen deze WIFI goed ontvangen hier op de Zone Technique. Voor dit uurtje gratis surfen moet u een e-mailadres ingeven. Per e-mailadres hebt u een uur internet.

    We wensen u alvast heel veel succes en hopen dat het pakketje spoedig toe komt.