Monday, October 29. I voted

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 29th, 2012

I have voted on line. Now all I need to do is wait for a dry day to cycle to the US Consulate to have the print out sent to my precinct. It is nasty out. At night, it has already dropped to below freezing in parts of Holland. Last night I found a solution to my search for a place to stay while working on the boat, near here, in April/May. One of the club members, Heino, will let me use his home in Osdorp which is a 15 minute bike ride away.

So far I have not had any fresh ideas on the book cover blind spot. There is still lots of work to be done on the English version, not a chance for cabin fever yet. I plan to be in Enkhuizen for the Antique Boat Fair and will be going with cruising friends I met in Greece this summer, Hans and Mini of “Water Music”. They live in Hoorn, close to Enkhuizen, and they have invited me to  attend a presentation in Hoorn by Paul Giep and his partner about their world cruise experiences.

We also went to standard time here yesterday morning. You would have expected to see more people show up for mass. An American preacher as gifted as Father Bakker of the St.Augustinus Church would draw large congregations. I always come away with useful lessons and new insights and a blessed feeling. The gospel was on the healing of Bartimeus, the blind man, in Jericho. My two nieces, Jozina and Marieken are trying to get together with Corrine and I before Jozina returns home from her three week visit from Perth, Australia. Not easy with their busy schedules.


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  1. mark clouse says:

    Hi Jack, I need to reposses my suggestion of elevating the Nazi photo. Being an American with no family connection to WWII, I have to say that my idea was ignorantly insensitive! My new idea for the cover is to use collage style immages that represent what you and your editor think are the real highlights of the book. These ripped up and pieced together images might be striking if displayed on a book stand compared to others close by. Dutch patriotic colors and titles might also enhace to visual attraction.

    best wishes, mark