Monday June 25 Milna, Brac island.

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 25th, 2012

Yesterday evening in Hvar the town was filled with day and one night tourist visitors who come in from the nearby mainland on the frequent ferry schedules. A steady queue of tourists with back packs or pulling their luggage on rollers passed my moorage in both directions from the ferry dock into the old town. Many sat and watched the Europa Cup 1/4 finals, nearly all the sidewalk cafes had large screen t/v’s mounted for the event. At around 5.30 this morning, after the sun came up, my neighbors’ college age crew called it quits. I shall get more sleep tonight. I got some groceries in Hvar and climbed up to the cemetery. I found another Petrich grave and I also found two familiar Gig Harbor family names, Stanich and Babich. But I cannot be sure that they are related. I took pictures and will try figure it out. I saw a lot of Novak graves. Never knew it is Croatian name. Looked it up, it is the 5th most common last name in Croatia. In Poland it is Nowak.

Milna is also a very old settlement. It is too bad that the entire inner harbor is taken up with marina berths. This is the first harbor where I have seen purse seiners very similar to the ones on the West Coast of the USA. The boat building yard was recently closed here. I am moored in a newer marina a 5 minute bicycle ride from the town center but a stiff walk. I used my folding bike. I am going to move to the town marina they have one very low dock where I can go along side and sand off the rest of the hull repair I did ten days ago in Bar, Montenegro. So, I’ll be here two days. The Martinolich family and Skansie came from this island but my first inquiries look like they are most likely at the East end, where there is still ship building done. I am on the West end of the largest island in the Adriatic. There was little wind today. We may get thunderstorms tonight.





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