Tuesday June 26 Milna, Brac

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 26th, 2012

I may need to get a job if I stay much longer in Croatia. And it seems the closer I get to the mainland and the farther north the moorage price keep getting higher. Today¬†I paid nearly $60 ( 346 Kuna), yesterday about $ 52.00 just a little further from town. In Hvar City, which has ten times more to offer than this town I paid 180 Kuna, nearly half….. They had no showers, big deal. I have my H2O “Douche”. In Stari Grad I paid 120 Kuna. But at least I got the repair job done. I needed to put one more patch of filler on, but it cured to sanding firmness from morning to evening. See below pictures. “Fleetwood” is as good as new again.

I am off to Split on the mainland in the morning. My 15 day transit permit expires on Sunday. I had very much wanted to go see the brother of Zdenka Wydra in Crikvenica. But unfortunately I did not get sufficient address information when I saw Zdenka on her 97th birthday last January in Tacoma. My requests to her only relative, her granddaughter and her caregiver in Tacoma go unanswered. Unless I hear from them I will cross over to Italy from Split.

Today I did my now routine visit to the cemetery. Again it is the prime real estate with the best view of the town. I found several Tacoma and Gig Harbor names, Martinich, Vlahovich, Jerkovich. Skansie is also supposed to be from Brac but from the other, east, end. There are hardly any owner operated yachts here, 90% charters. No French, No Dutch, just Austrians and lots of Norwegians Croats and a few Swedes and Germans.



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  1. Per Kallestad says:

    Hello Jack
    Since we met briefly in Milna Brac, I have had the opportunity to read some of the interesting stories on your site. The Great Bear story was very interresting, and facinating. In Norway we know little about Deuch sailing traditions. All I have grasped so far is that most naval words are either German, Deuch, Norwegian or English. As we didn’t have time for a chat in Milna, I said to myself, “we must meet Jack when he comes to Norway”. So make sure you plan a stop either in Oslo, or in Hvaler(some islands on the south east end of the Oslofjord.(that’s where we sail when in norway). Seems like we have a lot of time yet to plan your visit, but be sure to include us in your scedule. We had a marvellous week of sailing in Croatia. One night the ancor came loose in a bay outside Stari grad, but apart from that, the trip was a dream come through. We saw Stari Grad which was just lovely. Our goal was to reach the Blue Cave, but we had to return as we came to the city of Hvar. But we will never forget the clear blue water, the plesent temperature, the lovely people and all our godd meals in Croatia.
    Per and Torild aboard the “Mondo” in Milna.

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