Monday June 5. Progress with my $ 25 sander

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 6th, 2011

I did not have electricity yesterday. But I had plenty of chores to do without power. A thundershower came up very sudden and I was totally soaked  by the time I got back to the “Tabara” youth camp.

The Adventist youth choir was a real treat. Thirty nine girls and 11 boys from age 12 to 16, would be my guess. The auditorium was nearly full. About 500 guests. They sang some familiar songs, mostly in Romanian but a couple in English, one was a Negro Spiritual that I had never heard before.

I am sitting outside on the terrace of the Zimnicea hotel, where I can pick up a good wireless connection. A horse and wagon just passed and a foal was harnessed in next to her mother. Getting to learn the ropes. I do not have my camera with me. The mulberries are starting to ripen. The road to the Danube is lined with Mulberry trees. I have been picking mouth fulls. There is a new sound at night added to the Nightingale, it is the Koukouvayia (Owl), pronounced as “koo-koo-VAH-yee-ah”. It sort of sounds like a piece of construction equipment’s backing up warning signal. It is a continuous staccato. The dogs go crazy. It is a very small owl, I have been told.

So, today I got to work with my new 25 bucks sander. It turns out that it is not an orbital sander, just oscilating. But it works just fine and it is less than half the weight of the Bosch oscillating flat sander, that it replaces. I got about 1/3 of the under the water line area sanded. The dirtiest job of the entire haul out. The anti fouling paint dust makes me look like a collier.


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