Saturday Evening Post June 4. Crossed the River.

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 4th, 2011


What a difference 1/4 mile makes. I took the 9 a.m. ferry to Swishtov, on the Bulgarian side of the Danube. A 20 minute ride. And took the 11 a.m. ferry back. I spent all of $ 35.00 for a one way ferry ride, a good cup of coffee, a brand spanking new orbital flat (finish) sander and 18 feet of # 80 4″ wide sand paper. The machine cost me all of $ 25.00…. It’s Bulgarian made but it looks like it will solve my nightmare. A Bosch of the similar description cost about $ 250.00….. If it only lasts for the next 3 weeks I will kiss the Bulgarian shore on exit.

I did not have power today, but will try get the key for tomorrows chores from Camelia’s neighbor. I did some expoxy work on the keel.

It is 20 minutes to curtain time for the 7th Day Adventist youth chorus to perform here. It will be my substitute for my domenical duties.

The picture of “Fleetwood” was taken from the Ferry. You see that she is now nameless. I have new decals with me.





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