March 8th, 2017 browsing by day


Wednesday, March 8th., Cayman Islands

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017


It is women`s day and here are a few good men getting ready to walk in her shoes. I would do it but it is in the evening and I have no way to get back from shore in the dark. For the same reason I missed a presentation last Monday evening by Eva Schloss. Her mother married Otto Frank in 1953. Six years after the diary of Anne Frank was published. Eva and Anne were both born in 1929 and knew each other. Eva and her mother survived Auschwitz, the only survivors of her family. It is remotely possible that Eva would have run errands for her stepfather`s business to the bank where my father worked and how Otto knew my father. My dad received one of the first diaries from Otto Frank with his dedication. I learned of Schloss`s presentation from two med students I met here on the beach. Turns out that Liron Lashevsky is Israeli and his friend Jamil is Palestinian. I wanted so much a picture between the two, a picture of Shalom/Peace/Salem. You just have to take my word for it. This picture looks more like David and Goliath, no I have not shrunk. Liron has relatives in Amsterdam.image1






My new laptop is in George Town. I need to claim it at Customs when I clear out. My German friends are planning to check out on either Friday or Saturday morning and I plan sail with them to Cienfuegos, Cuba. It has been blowing like stink, 20/25 knots due to a cold front on the US Atlantic Coast. But it is starting to calm down. This has been a welcome respite from paying marina moorage fees and the public mooring buoys provided a lot securer ground tackle than my anchors would have provided in this week`s blow. But prices for food etc. are very steep. It must be one of the few places where the local dollar is higher than the US $. About 22%.

I was unable to get to shore on Sunday morning. I depend on the kind towing service of my two German neighbors. They tow my dinghy against the strong wind and I row back from shore. But I had ample inspiration from services broadcasted here on the FM stations. Sorry, no pictures this time.

busy day in George Town Bay.

busy day in George Town Bay.

Today has got to be the busiest cruise ship day in town. L.R. (as well as I could determine) : “Monarch”, Carnival “Fantasia”, “Liberty of the Seas”, Disney “Fantasy”, Holland America Line “New Amsterdam”.