July 28th, 2016

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Wednesday July 27th. Up the mast.

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

This was a photo shoot opportunity. Yesterday I went up the mast with a mountain climbing type rappelling gear to drill holes in the spreaders for the pulley blocks for the flag/burgee halyards and to remove an obsolete try-sail track. Tomorrow I’ll use the same gear to go up the mast to check the mast steaming light, above the first spreaders. Yesterday I was cranked to the top of the mast by Steve Essig (http://www.essigphoto.com/) the camera man for a team effort documentary led by Dennis Minor (https://vimeo.com/dennisminor). I replaced the old incandescent bulbs with LED lights on the masthead tri-color/anchor light. The below clip is part of the video taken by Richard Gillette of¬†RKG Media LLC of Gig Harbor with his drone.

Sequence 01.00_06_32_02

taken by Jan Tuell-Alskog

taken by Jan Tuell-Alskog