September 19th, 2013 browsing by day


Thursday Sept 19. My over-holed mast.

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

I am extremely satisfied with the repair job. You can see from the pictures the sizes of the holes and how well they have been filled in. Hans de Boer is a truly expert at aluminum welding. The majority of the missing material was filled in with aluminum plate and little as possible with welded material.

Plan “C” is still a remote option. I will check the long term forecast again. We will be getting better weather, after all the rain and wind this week, ┬ástarting this weekend with favorable wind direction but then it turns to the south for the rest of next week. I cannot leave till Monday at the earliest. Corrine is bringing me my new SamSung tablet which I hope to be able to use for my Navionics charts. But I am still totally confused on their system. The app of for their charts does not seem to have installed properly and they are backlogged in answering me.

Does any one have any experience with multiplexers? It was recommended to me in particular for receiving the AIS signals which travel at a high speed that otherwise might not be received well on a tablet. But the one I am looking at the ShipModul MiniPlex 2 Wi is about $ 350.