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Wednesday Nov 3rd Patience

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I had hoped to be able to show you a picture today of what is happening to “Fleetwood”. But I just found out that this may not happen for another two days.

The plan is to lift “Fleetwood”, with one of the large shore cranes of Zim Tube, on shore just down stream from where I am moored at the Capitania. And then to store the boat til March/April. I fly back to Amsterdam and if I can get an inexpensive way to fly to Virginia I will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with the McDonnells. Then be back to Amsterdam before Easter, April 24. Get the new shaft and propeller made up in Holland and come back here to install and continue my voyage down the Danube and on to the Mediterranean. The delay is due to the fact that the crane we need use is unloading a grain barge and that will take possibly till Friday. I just could not hold the suspense that long.

All this was arranged through my Romanian guardian angel, Camelia. And with the assistance and generosity of the people at Zim Tube and the Capitania and Border Patrol here on the River. I am staying now in the Zim Tube hotel in Zimnicea. Travelling down the Danube would have been practicably impossible. Since Sunday there have been just a few hours on Monday afternoon where the visibility would have allowed me to navigate. It has been cold, wet and foggy since.

I have plenty things to work on at the hotel. And if the fog lets up I might ride into the surroundings.