Monday August 17. Helen is back.

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 17th, 2015

You may remember this picture:DSC_0041

In my post of August 23rd 2013:  This Helen Prokopovych a very promising Ukrainian artist. She is painting this gorgeous sunset over my moorage at the “De Schinkel” in Amsterdam, in this photograph. In her portfolio I discovered a painting of a spot where we used to play as kids, bringing back sweet memories. A good friend who grew up in one of the homes in this picture, bought this particular painting. We became friends. Helen’s visa for Holland ran out and she returned to Ukraine. Today I received a comment on my blog from Helen and also an e-mail  that she has spent two years in Copenhagen and  has improved her skills and is having some success in selling her work. She is now back in Amsterdam Holland and is enrolled at the Erasmus University in pre-master art classes, followed by their masters program.

You should visit her web site:  to see some of her recent aquarelles and her blog. I am so glad to follow her progress. One brave talented young woman.

On the subject of art: I have started to follow the mural progress on the old Finholm Market, at the end of the Gig Harbor Bay.



Lita Dawn Ancich at Finholm Market




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