Friday February 28…and I can cry if I want to..

Written by Jack van Ommen on February 28th, 2014

When I opened Google this morning I was pleasantly surprised with the below header.





with : Feliz cumpleaños . Google knows my birthday but they have not tracked me down from Spain yet. If you happen to be near Haarlem come get a slice of the birthday cake I picked for my self. It looks almost to good to cut into. I am expecting mostly family to stop by this afternoon. The Dutch customs of celebrating birthdays is different from what I have become used to in the United States. Here it is the one whose birthday it is to provide the cake and beverages. At work and or for your club members you are expected to repeat this custom. In my choir there is always someone of the 60 plus members to have a birthday in the week of the rehearsals.




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