Friday November 29. A new home.

Written by Jack van Ommen on November 29th, 2013

Pierre and his wife Marianique took me to lunch yesterday here at the restaurant on the beach in San Vicente, where I have been coming for the wi-fi connection. Just below where I was staying at Beatrice’s apartment. Pierre did a good word for me with the owners of the restaurant and the apartments they operate in the building. I am paying 15 euro ($20) per day for a very nice apartment (see below picture). It has a well equipped kitchen, bedroom with two twin beds. Here I can work in peace on my current project, the book about my travels with “Fleetwood”.

So, for the time being lodging is at least taken care of. The restaurant will close on December 8 for a month. I need to be out of Ibiza well before January 9 if I wish to make another stop in the Schengen countries, like Holland or the Canaries. Beatrice promises me to take me into town for our shopping. And I have the bicycle that Denny from the Cycle Shop in San Eularia provided me with the first Sunday I met him with Angeles when we were having lunch at Toni Riba.

the new home with view of "Fleetwood" 's burial grounds.


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