Thursday September 27, Kampen

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 27th, 2012

We arrived in Kampen in the late afternoon doing an easy 70 kms with the strong current.  We are moored in the Bovenhaven, next to the restored Kamper Botters. Jampen is also one of the old Hansa free trading cities. Lots of history. Last night we wandered into the “Bovenkerk” a prereformation Catholic church and remained as such. A choir was practicing the Latin liturgical songs. My great grandmother,  was from Kampen. Her husband studied theology here, paid for by his father in law, van den Berg. My grandfather met his wife on the island of Urk where her father was the Christian Reformed minister. The below picture shows a photo taken in Kampen.

“Top” at Kampen in 1917. From stern grandparents in the cockpit with Huite Zijlstra. On boom my uncle Jan with Riek ? Seated on house Fenny Jonker, Gezina Sijbesma, my mother Rennie with hat, Albert? with cap. Crewman on bow.

I have a new plan (again): instead of getting the mast placed in Lelystad I will leave the mast at Deko Marina in inside storage and skip the planned sailing trip on the IJselmeer. The season just is no longer holding out for a sail. It is again blustery, dark and rainy. We will motor to Elburg an other old Zuiderzee harbor town. I will meet Henk Hulst there from the Elburg botter vereniging. And then I plan also stop in Spakenburg and then we should be in Amsterdam on Saturday. With the mast in storage it will be easier to start the repair work from the destruction derby on the rivers and canals. I plan to put the boat in a covered shed and redo the interior and remove the teak deck. With all the rain I keep discovering more and more small nasty leaks in the deck.

Still no word from the Thalys Train people on my two urgent request of the whereabouts of my camera. Service is not in their vocabulary.

I will be adding a few pictures of “Fleetwood” next to her Kamper Botter Brothers, as soon as Ce Ce has figured out how to transfer them from her I-pad. Thursday evening: Here is one that made it through to me:


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