Saturday Evening Post from Stari Grad, Hvar, Croatia

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 23rd, 2012

I waited around for the start of the race to Palagruza. The local harmony band came to liven up the event. Long speeches and a beautiful poem/prayer was recited, which used to be prayed on this event. I could understand most of it because it was filled with Latin/Italian. Vis was colonized for many years by the Venetians. There was not much wind. I was lucky yesterday. But it filled in later and I had a great sail down wind from Vis to Stari Grad. The sailors/fishermen are allowed to use their oars during the start and the race.

Stari Grad is the home of the Tacoman Petrich family. I hope to make contact with some of the relatives here. I am moored right on the town waterfront. There are a few places, that till now I can still count on my ten fingers, where I felt this feeling of total peace and harmony. Where I felt like I was intruding on sacred grounds. Where there was no disturbing noise, where everything was in place and in harmony with the environment. A small farm community south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the late seventies, a fishing village on the East Coast of Malaya in 1962, several places in the Marquesas in 2005 and yesterday on my walk on the island of Bisevo and this afternoon walking on the edge of Stari Grad.

I plan to add a slide show just about these Gajeta Falkusa lateen rigged fishing boats to my web page on Traditional Sailing, item 98), on my index. With more pictures and text than I am showing today and yesterday.


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