Thursday April 26. Geknipt en Geschoren

Written by Jack van Ommen on April 26th, 2012

“Fleetwood” is back in her element. She was dunked at noon. In all the haul outs I have done, this one in Chios was one of the best. Very professional and inexpensive. The couple that own the yard Adonis and Katina Chiotis are a delightful team. Fortunately I had little maintenance to do because the location is somewhat far from civilization. Green Cove Springs on the St.Johns River in Florida remains my favorite for Stateside haul outs.  I stil have to do some straightening out to do and to hank the mainsail back on. My folding bike needs maintenance. The salt spray, last fall ruined the chain.

I am going to check on taking a ferry to the Turkish mainland and spend a day seeing the biblical significant city of Ephesus.  Or I might sail to Kusadasi.

My oldest granddaughter, Corrine, will arrive in Amsterdam May 29 to finish her college degree from her Pacific Lutheran University at the University of Amsterdam. She might stay as long as the end of January. So this will be a great opportunity for me to show her around her grandfather’s roots.  I might sail the boat back to Amsterdam before the beginning of the fall storms on the Atlantic or winter the boat in southern Portugal and land travel to Holland.




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