Aug 27, Saturday Morning Post. A new plan.

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 27th, 2011

The wind was blowing all night and this morning’s forecast shows force 5 on the coast and 6 further to the East and that is where the wind direction is coming from, this means a very rough surface condition. The wind drops to force 4 on Tuesday and will be from the N.W. which will make for a much smoother surface and the right direction to the Bosporus. So we are staying put for now. Our travel director and history buff, Inga, is right now looking for a rental car and then the three of us will be off into to the interior till Sunday evening. Possibly the condition will improve sooner so that we can leave Monday. Right now my thought is to just make a short stop at Tsarevo, to check out and then keep going to the Bosphorus.


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