Friday March 25 in Heemstede

Written by Jack van Ommen on March 25th, 2011

I moved in with my cousin Gido van Ommen and his wife Riet, in Heemstede, near Haarlem. Very close to the Keukenhof in the Dutch bulb growing area.

The below picture is my view of a typical piece of Holland from my penthouse room. I’ll be working here on adding the new facts I have gathered on the book I am writing. Last Tuesday I spent 9 hours in the National Archives in The Hague to supplement the war time experiences in the story and the next morning I uncovered more background on the life of my mother’s Nazi cousin in the Hilversum archives.

The weather has been superb, cold clear nights, bright warm sunny during the day. The bare trees in this picture will be green on the next blog.

This afternoon I take the train to Barneveld to meet with Stephen and Maria Boonzaaijer of “Yo Soy” who I last saw in French Polynesia in 2005.

It took a little over $ 100 to fill the small tank of my sister’s old VW Polo I used on Wednesday…..  A small consolation to my American readers


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