Saturday Nov 13 Amsterdam

Written by Jack van Ommen on November 13th, 2010

I just returned from boat shopping. My twin brother, Jan, is here from Germany to look for a sail boat. He has not taken me up on my offer to buy “Fleetwood”. Tomorrow we will look at more boats and then on Monday he has a few appointments in Friesland. I am accompanying him there and I will take the train back to Amsterdam on Monday. We sat around the dinner table with our older sister and brother in law here yesterday, a great opportunity to catch up with each other.

Below is the link to a follow up interview by the Zimnicea radio station. After “Fleetwood” was brought ashore.

This weekend Saint Nicolas made his annual way into Holland, from Spain. The picture below is taken of his arrival on the waterfront in Harderwijk. From now on the children can start putting their wooden shoes in front of the fireplace to find them filled each morning with candies or little trinkets, untill Saint Nicolas eve December 5th.


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