Monday, Oct 25. Sweet Music

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 25th, 2010

The sound of the new engine. At last. Forty five days, 5 days more than Jesus’s trials in the desert, in Calafat. Was there a bad omen in that I arrived here on 9/11?

 Last night I went to bed, disappointed. Everything appeared to be ready to go but the engine would make a short attempt to turn over and then quit. It was getting too dark and I had burnt out the only 220 volt light bulb I had. But this morning it started after a short hesitation. Sunday I spent another several hours in trying to get the transmission controls to work properly. It turned out that there was a loose connection on the old panel rather than at the engine.

I shall be on my way to Galati at daybreak, Tuesday. The adventure goes on the river road again.

Because I plan to make time and there are so few mooring spots from now on that I should be at anchor the coming nights and the blog will be back when I end up in civilization again.


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