Sunday August 31 Bowen Island and Vancouver

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 1st, 2014

On my walk through one of the many parks on Bowen island to 10.30 mass I came upon this Red Crested Woodpecker. It is hard to get the head sharp because this bird pecks at a ferocious rate of speed. Very nice small church, the priest comes from the mainland with the ferry. They wanted to keep me here because of my (loud) singing, I like this invitation much better than the one at Easter 2007 on St. Helena Island. Napoleon would have preferred Bowen Island as well. Particularly if he’d been able to take a ferry to Vancouver.

Dana Barton stopped by at noon and we talked for two hours. A very nice and interesting person. He had been a teacher in Eastern Oregon and when Donovan (my son in law) was 3 years old he moved to an island near the Northern end of Vancouver Island, taught school there and bought an abandoned 24 acre farm and farmed part time and lived off the land. When Donovan left home he and his second wife sailed on a Rawson 30 to Mexico and spent three years, mostly near La Paz in the Sea of Cortez. He also operated a purse seiner for a couple years in this area. His wife decided to go back to school and get a masters degree in psychology and Dana in turn spent five years to get his license as a naturopathic medical doctor. He has an office at his home on Bowen Island, and in Vancouver. He brought me produce from his large garden at his home on Bowen Island. So my daughter Rose Marie did well in choosing her second father in law. I have a new friend.

I am moored under the Oak Street Bridge at the False Creek YC. I came in after the office closed, but when I saw the rate, $60 per day, I choked. So, I plan to anchor out to morrow. I’ll be seeing Paul de Leeuw in the morning on Granville Island. I had a very pleasant sail here.

A Salmon Ladder

A Salmon Ladder

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