May 18th, 2013 browsing by day


Friday May 17th. The Spiritus is a moving.

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Spiritus is the Dutch name for Stove Methanol. I just managed to cook my first meal on the petroleum galley stove in the sail boat I am camping out on here in the Schinkel marina. The burners have to be heated/primed with the methanol. It seems complicated but it goes with the boat, a traditional steel 32 footer. I was getting accustomed to raw food. I had given up after running out of matches and Spiritus. Paul, the boat’s owner, came to show me the trick yesterday. To complete the retro cooking evening I lit the petroleum lamp. This would be the kind of boat to come home to the Pacific North West by way of the N.W. Passage instead of the Panama Canal and the long sail against the prevailing winds northward.

This is Pentecost weekend. A four day weekend. Many of the club members left this morning for a cruise. But the weather is not cooperating, Cold and heavy rain this afternoon.

My granddaughter,  Corrine, the new Mrs. Wheatly, and her husband, Euan, are coming to visit me here tomorrow from their home in Louvain, Belgium.

The Spirit will be moving on Pentecost in the Augustinus church when we sing Veni Sancte Spiritus and “The Prince of Peace” mass of Lloyd Weber also the English “King of all ages throned on high”  May the Spirit(us) be with you as well.

A good picture of one of the tenors and Jessica one of the sopranos on the steps of the church of the Frisians, next to the St. Peter, taken by Louis Redegeld.