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  1. c johnson says:

    Hi. I know I saw you at Ft Lewis and in Saigon. It has been a long time since. A pilot by the name of Col. Emmitt Knight wrote a book on the helicopter company.He included the name Captain Klipple in it. Book, First to Vietnam in excess of thirty days. I hope you have fair weather on your future voyages. Oh, I was the lowest ranking private in Vietnam. I never got the hang of things.I was just there for personal amusement.-Charlie Johnson.

  2. I just ordered the book. I can vaguely remember Colonel Knight, I believe he was the one who wore a machete…. I was a supply clerk. Where did you hang out? The only one I ever saw after Vietnam was a big blond spec 4? last name Moon, ran into him in the Roseburg Oregon area in the seventies he was tanking his log truck.I ran around in Saigon with the office clerk David Dirstine from Spokane. Never managed to relocate him. Thanks for the message and curious what Emmett Knight has to tell us. Too bad it is not on kindle.

  3. c johnson says:

    As I remember the official story,You need to check your ins policy in case you get killed in war. The agent asked me to send mine ,It came back saying it was useless for that cause.Then we were going to I know not where for 30 days,Later it was 90 then turned into 13 months,Then when I got out my 214 never mentioned Vietnam. So I was not there according to the VA.Later another paper said I was.But the VA still says I wasn’t. Now would the govt lie?

  4. Well, at least we have each other as witnesses in case they still don’t believe that I fought the war in the Cercle Sportif Saigonais.

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