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Family and friends albums, Geneaology web page of my mother’s roots, school reunions

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  1. Eric duVon says:

    Hi Jack, my wife and I met you in Kinsale, VA last summer, we docked beside you for the night. I am currently reading and really enjoying Soloman, which we purchased from you and you signed it. Let us know if you’ll be back in the neighborhood at some point, I’d love to line you up to give a talk at our club, Corinthian Yacht Club in Ridge, MD.
    Warmest regards,
    Eric and Karen

  2. Hello Eric and Karen, fond memories of my Kinsale visit and meeting you. I definitly plan to come back to the area, but not sure how and when. Keep an eye on my blogs.And I have put you on my mailing list when I have some significant news on the adventure.

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