For Sale my Retro Treasures retrieved from “Fleetwood III”

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 26th, 2023

This equipment might be of interest to collectors. They are all in working condition before I removed these. Most are from the late eighties and early nineties. I believe the TV is newer, but I have not owned a TV since 1998 and have worser addictions.













I am inviting any offfers on all or part of it. I have it also listed on Marktplaats. Dit is aftehalen bij Watersportvereniging “Amsterdam” Punterspad 15 1081KJ aan het Nieuwe Meer.

Here are the details:

Retro Zeilboot apparatuur van eind 80 begin 90 jaren, nog in werkende conditie.

  • 22×30 cm T.V. “FLATTV” AC 220 V PHILIPS Model 15PF412/01, SAMSUNG-KPN SMT-1000T Digital AC Terrestriai Receiver met VCR en TV KPN Masttop antenne 14 mtr kabel Samsung-KPN en Philips afstandbediening en set KPN/Funke binnenantennen DVB-2
  • Philips FM-AM auto Radio met cassettespeler Model 22RC459/30
  • CD-6 DISC PHILIPS Changer RC 027 12 V Model 22RC027/50B
  • SAILOR SSB kortegolf ontvanger R2022
  • SAILOR Marifoon RT2048
  • AIS-2 responder San Jose Navigation, Inc VHF-GPS
  • Set of BM AUDIO 12 V Surround Stereo Speakers Model PR-222 12 Volt



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