October 2nd Still in Durgerdam

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 2nd, 2009

Every day there is a new surprise to the unending repair saga of the boat engine. My last post was last Sunday and every day since I expected to have a definite solution and a date to be on my way back to Amsterdam. Maybe to-morow???…. The head gasket arrived last Tuesday when I went to the N.E. of Holland for the day. Wednesday I managed to get the head back on but in the process I have hit several obstacles and hope to know more to-morrow. But with the big party at the club to-morrow and engagements on Sunday and Monday, it will be nearly three weeks since I left the “de Schinkel” for the September 19 weekend, before I can expect to be on my way again. The good thing of being here is that everyone has been extremely helpful.  I just have to open my mouth and I get what I am looking for here in the marina, first of all, Jos, the harbormaster of the marina/YC, here lets me use their good assortment of tools, to-day and yesterday, I borrowed a torque wrench, magnet, vacuum cleaner, power cord, “Grijpertje”, from 4 different boats. And when I say : “Dank je wel” they answer with a big smile: “Graag gedaan” (Glad to be of help). My brother in law, Herman,  also spent many hours on the project.

The visit to Bep Hillers, with her nephew Dick Dienske, was very worthwhile. She is the sister in law of Nel Hillers who was working for the same resistance group as my mother and walked the same “via Dolorosa” till their liberation near Dachau at war’s end. She has compiled additional details about the whole affaire and I hope to be able to study this and piece the puzzle together with all the other recent additions, from the Boosmans, etc.  Dick and Patricia Dienske had me over for dinner afterwards. One of the best fish dinners I have ever tasted. North Sea “Tong”. It’s a flat fish like petrale sole but much tastier and delicate. Sister Karolien had a successful left hip replacement and came home this afternoon.

The YC “Y” at Durgerdam also extends the flag courtesy to me as the only foreign visitor.



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