Back in Kinsale, Virginia October 6, 2020

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 6th, 2021

This has been a whirlwind tour from the Northwest down to Nevada via Oregon, by bicycle, local transit busses, Metro, Amtrak, rental car and LYFT.

There was 45-minute departure delay on the return flight from Seattle to Baltimore , apparently caused by the lack of personnel at the airport. I would not be surprised if the airlines will resort to offer free flights for volunteers to load baggage, clean toilets and do chores for the laid-off unvaccinated flight attendants. The Alaska Air flight from Las Vegas was also one hour later than scheduled, I missed an eye exam appointment.

I missed my train connection from Baltimore to Fredericksburg for which I would have had ample time. A mad rush from the airport to the station, I missed it by 5 minutes. Fortunately, I was able to catch the next train into D.C. and transfer and arrive only 10 minutes later than planned. Wil, another crew member on “The Twin Brothers”, collected me and brought me back to Kinsale.

On Tuesday the 28th of September, I took the Amtrak from Tacoma to Eugene, where I was the guest of Judy and Evert Slijper. You might remember them from my February blog when Evert took me on a memory lane trip to the Oregon Coast, through the territory I used to travel to purchase wood products, in the seventies and eighties.

On Wednesday I rented a car to drive down to Roseburg where my youngest son Seth and his fiancée bought their first home this year. A beautiful rural location as the pictures show. Seth has lots of big toys and hobbies and enjoys the large work shop that comes with the property.

The Umpqua River, close to my son’s home.

Seth’s home and the Noble Fir tree farm.








The next day, the 30th, I flew to Las Vegas to celebrate my oldest son, John’s, 50th birthday. He moved recently to Henderson, Nevada from San Diego. My daughter in law treated us to a fabulous feast at the  José Andrés restaurant.

with my oldest son, John

Part of the feast      (pictures by Jennifer van Ommen)








If, at His second coming, Jesus decides to go for a 40 day desert hike again, in the Nevada Desert, the Devil better not come tempting with a gift card from José Andrés.

2nd roof where the van Ommens live and part of the “Strip” in background


There are no direct flights from Las Vegas to the Washington D.C. area and I was able to lay over in Seattle, spend my last night with my daughter Lisa and collected the rest of my luggage.

It will take some getting used again of sleeping on a narrow bunk after being spoiled to the many comfortable beds and hospitality.

On September the 16th., I attended the funeral mass of Father Gary Weisenberger. He was our pastor from 1991 until 2004 at St. Nicholas Church in Gig Harbor, Wa. Our second oldest daughter Rose Marie was married in 1991 and my last marriage in 1993 was performed by father Gary. He became a dear friend. We had dinner together last at Christmas time 2019. I really think he scheduled his funeral for my short stay on the West Coast. It was a beautiful service. Coincidentally, he and I both have Frisian mothers. His mother’s root are in a Roman Catholic enclave in this Protestant Dutch province, in the town of Sint Nicolaasga, only 15 miles from where our mother was raised in de Lemmer.

This Saturday I give a presentation of my sailing adventure at “The Slips”. There is a change on the plans I have for the next three weeks, from my previous blog. My first VA doctor’s appointment in Cape Charles has been moved down from November 2nd to October 22nd. I’ll skip that in between trip from Onancock to Cape Charles prior to October 18 and instead cruise from here to Smith and Tangier Island before my October 20 event with my OCC members at the Mathews YC and sail from there on the 21st to Cape Charles where I will most likely stay for a month before my planned winter sail to the Caribbean.




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