Tuesday Sept 22. Still in Durgerdam

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 22nd, 2009

Hopefully the first day of the fourth season will bring me better luck in trying to budge the second injector outof the 30 year old Renault engine. I spent hours and lots of energy most of yesterday and just before quitting I had resorted to a sledge hammer.

Back to Sunday morning; there was no sevice in the old church, a dispappointment because it has a collection of old ship models hanging from the rafters. But the 10 o’clock service at the New Church was a very worthwhile experience. I was raised in the Christian Reformed church but the service did not resemble my recollections. It was a youth service and it reminded me of the Four Square services at “Emmaeus”, the McDonnell’s church, in Virginia. The service started with a young lady singing American hymns accompanied by a synthesizer. Texts and songs projected on a large screen. The German born minister, or more an evangelist, made wide use of his laptop in inserting even a segment of Saving Private Ryan. This is also about the only opportunity to see the older Marker women in their traditional elaborate costumes, other than in the souvenir shops. But the setting in this ultra modern building and electronic gadgetry formed an enormous contrast to the very conservative ways these old Zuiderzee communities are known for. 

When I got back to the boat the harbor had emptied out but one boat “Cala Bona” had stuck around for me to make sure I made it out. Heino de Jong stayed close by while I chucked slowly outof the harbor then set sail for Durgerdam and made sure I got to a berth. He has repaired two injectors. Hopefuly I have better news on the progress/damage in the next edition.

Last night I was the guest at Jet and Leo Jongsma, for dinner. Eduard and Sitske Jongsma are visitin, till Wednesday, from Cape Town. I saw them last in 2007 at the Royal Cape YC, where Eduard is a member, and as a guest at their home. Hans Jongsma, the oldest of the three Jongsma brothers, joined the evening as well. The Jongsma’s shared the very same pew with us in the “Waalkerk”, the church I grew up with. Eduard was one class below me in grade school. All the Jongsmas are ocean sailors. Leo and Jet are also Schinkelers and were part of the weekend fun.

The Photo Album for the Marken Weekend can be found at : www.cometosea.us/albums/albums/Marken.pdf

Eduard,Sitske,Hans,Jet,Leo Jongsma

Eduard,Sitske,Hans,Jet,Leo Jongsma


The Photo Album Cover of the last days of summer

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