Saturday Evening Post Aug 22

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 22nd, 2009

It was a glorious summer day. Bart Boosman of the “Franschman” had invited me and  a few friends and relatives to his boat in the “Sixhaven”. Bart and I met on the Single Side Band Radio when we both talked to Herb, the weather man, a month ago. Bart had participated in the S/H Ostar race from Plymouth, England to Newport, R.I.  The Marina is North of the “IJ”  the deep sea harbor of Amsterdam. I rode the Klapfiets across the entire cit, but what amzed me is that I was hardly ever in any city traffic. There was a bike trail along a good part of the waterway I had come in on last Saturday night and then a good part went through the Vondelpark. The last part led along the canals in the center. I cannot think of any metropolitan center where I’d opt to ride instead of a run through the country side. Parts of Washington D.C., might come close. I was able to learn about the single handed races that are held here and I plan to participate in a few of them.  There is a 200 miler where you get a sealed envelope with your direction to the next overnight stop, somewhat like the “Amazing Race”. Sounds like a blast.

I can cook again. I found a built in two burner stove top that fits right into my gimballed frame, from the previous marina stove. So I was able to clean out the sink where a pile of dirty dishes had accumulated. Just in time for 9 family members to show up at the boat for a picnic. My sister’s youngest daughter, Jozina, lives in Perth, Australia and her 20 and 22 year old daughter, Phoebe, and son, Moshe, are visiting in Amsterdam, both on their way to Sweden for studies.


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