Monday morning June 24 ’19 A well prepared Solo Sailor

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 25th, 2019

A Gringo Argentino Gaucho, John Freeman, sets off from Cape Charles Yacht Center for an Atlantic Crossing. John Freeman left this morning from Cape Charles Yacht Center. I am totally in awe for the boat and the man. Both are are about the best I would ever aspire for this adventure. This is a 30ft Morris Annie. 

Just look at the size and construction, cutter rig, a sensible hard dinghy, a Monitor Windvane, etc. John is heading for Portugal, with a stop in the Azores. He and his Argentine wife raise cattle in southern Argentina.  


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  1. Norman riviere says:

    Thinking of you as I sit in the den of our new abode on March 3rdd. We have living with our daughter (Jessica) in Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia. I seem to recall some of your Weyco days were spent in this area. We have been here since first of July 2019. Betsy was seriously ill November 2018 and in the hospital 17 days with acute renal failure as a result of a reaction to an antibiotic. Our children all came down and we realized that at our age we should be closer to them (3 of our 4 kids in the area. Sold our house in a day and here we are. Belated happy birthday. When you reach shore send me an e-mail. You are welcome here anytime you are in the area or close by.. God speed.

  2. Hi, Norm and Betsy, I just happen to check my comments. Thanks for the birthday greetings. I have missed you since you appear to have abandoned FB. Sounds like a good decision to get closer to your children/grandchildren. Yes, always keep good memories of living the one year in Westchester and working with Dave Goldman, Billy ?? and Larry Humphrey. All the best. Jack