E.T.A. IJmuiden Fri 14 Aug. Counting down in hours….

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 14th, 2009

At 17.45 hours I am at 52.15N 4.04E with 23 miles to go. Expected arrival 23.00 hrs. After this morning’s message we have been sailing all day. Great conditions, doing about 5 knots with full main and the old light 150%. Lots of commercial traffic into and from the Scheldt and Rotterdam. Might be better for the welcoming committee to keep their flags rolled up till to-morrow morning at the outer harbor marina. I need clear customs there and then plan proceed up the canal to Amsterdam. It could be that Dirk Jan can see us from Zandvoort after all since I am coming in closer to the coast than I had planned.

The first thing I may need to do is see a doctor. In the last days I have developed an annoying pain from the navel on down. Mostly in the groin, lower back and upper legs. I suspect it has something to do with my kidneys. At first I thought it was the flue. I have to constantly pee. The pain is worst after I drink. Nearly impossible to sleep because the pain is worst laying down. Is there a doctor in the audience? Other than that I feel great. Back to the cockpit to search for the smoke stacks of the Hoogovens. Tot spoedig ziens!!


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