Wednesday August 16. On the evening news.

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 16th, 2017

Shortly after the shipwreck I was invited by LTJG Brad Millikken of the Portsmouth Virginia, Hampton Roads sector, US Coast Guard station, to meet the crew who coordinated the rescue with the Helicopter personnel. Today I had the pleasure to thank the men and women. The chopper crew stationed in Elizabeth City N.C. sent the rescue swimmer Sam Fuller out to our meeting. I was very impressed with the command center. It looked like pictures we have seen of the Cape Kennedy Space Center. At least ten men sitting behind their computer screens monitoring the traffic and emergency calls. The three main TV stations were present to cover the encounter.

You can view the streaming of their part of this evening’s news at:

Local Channel 10 WAVY.COM -FOX. This is the most complete coverage.

Local Channel 3  WTKR-CBS This is a shorter version

Local Channel 13 This is an excellent photo gallery 

With Sam Fuller, the rescue swimmer

With Sam Fuller, the rescue swimmer. Photo by Channel 



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