Sunday, July 23rd. A hot weekend in Cape Charles.

Written by Jack van Ommen on July 23rd, 2017

Last Monday I got a ride to the boat with Rob, the harbor master, who lives close to where I am staying in Chesapeake. I got some cleanup done but I need to pace  my self with the healing process of my back surgery. Last Thursday I rented a car to be returned this coming Thursday. Good thing that the rental car was upgraded from an economy to a mini van. This allows me to sleep in the van. I hope to get the yard here to present me with an estimate of the repairs for the insurance company. The way I understand it is that if it comes out higher than my coverage they will pay the maximum coverage and then I will use it to pay the $19,000 tow bill.  I made up an Excel spreadsheet of the items lost by floating away and destroyed by the saltwater and it alone adds up (conservatively) to over $14,000 including the engine. And since I made up this list I keep discovering additional items. After I have flushed out all the mud, the area where the boat is standing will become a priced garden plot.

Cape Charles is a charming little town. Hard to reach at the very southern tip of the peninsula that starts in northern New Jersey. The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. The personel at the marina are very helpful. Jeannine and Sean came out today to help me. Sean took the two deep cycle batteries out which way over 40 lbs each and would put me right back on the gurney. Jeannine brought lots of my favorite treats and an ice chest. They also set up a tent where I can sleep and keep the cleaned “keepers” under roof. On Thursday I have a post-op appointment with the back surgeon. I am rehearsing my white lies on keeping the BLT (Bending-Lifting-Twisting) commands.

The country around here is very rural, farms, woodlots, tidal sloughs. A farmer’s trailer sells produce on the honor system, every item is priced and you put the money in the slotted box. The peaches, canteloupe, corn, etc. are a a real treat here. On Friday I had a visiting papillon for a while flapping its wings and aerial acrobatics. I believe it is a Red Spotted Black. A week or so ago, in the back yard of my daughter in Chesapeake, I saw this unusual Dragon Fly, a White Tail Skimmer. Never seen before, but apparently they are also seen in the Pacific Nortwest.

IMG_20170721_112350 (2)IMG_20170713_172024 (2)






And aIMG_20170721_195139 picture of the magnificent sunsets we have here in Cape Charles. All taken with my $30 ZTE android phone the      replacement for my single reflex Nikon cameras and lenses I lost in the wreck.



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