Tuesday Aug 4. Landfall for sure to-morrow

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 4th, 2009

At 15.35 I am at 47.11 N 5.51 W, with 78 miles to go, a 115 mile day. We should arrive early afternoon in Loctudy. The French courtesy flag was raised on the starboard yard arm, half an hour ago; the last time I got to fly it was in April 2007 on Devil’s Island. I had a threat of cancellation to this blog from one member, because the last ones were getting too brief. These last few days have been boring and uneventful. Running under storm jib with the hatch blocked up for the driving rain leaves little to the imagination. Sleeping, reading, planning, making log entries. The boobies are still practicing their dives on the plastic lures, but we have not been able to get them to swallow the lure so that I could prove, with a picture, to my grand children where the word “Boobie Trap” comes from.

But there will be plenty new experiences from to-morrow on. We crossed the North/South shipping lanes to/from the Channel in the early evening. In a matter of half an hour we counted more than 10 ships. I had some apprehensions but it turned out to be a piece of cake. More dolphins to-day.


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