July 24 Good Progress

Written by Jack van Ommen on July 25th, 2009

At 19.15 hrs UTC I am at 39.50 N 25.30 W with 1049 Miles to Loctudy, a 110 mile day. It has been a fabulous sailing day. The winds picked up in the early morning and now at about 20 knots from the SW. Triple reefed main and 90% doing about 6 knots. At this rate I’ll arrive Loctudy around August 4 or 5. But much can still happen, the Grib files for the next 4 days look good with decent reaching or following winds. Ron acts like a kid in a cookie jar and his discoveries remind me that I have been starting to take so many of the blessings of this journey for granted. I heard his “oohs and aahs”, last night, when he was captivated by the millions of stars. The days go faster for me with company aboard. Last night I read my watch wrong and missed Herb’s transmission. I’ll try again to-night. So, to-day my youngest grandchild turned teenager. Who knows, the two sons might still bring the next wave of grandchild babies, their cousins will be too old to be baby sitters, but then there will be at least a couple of nieces/nephews who might be interested in baby sitting their potential aunts/uncles….. This sarcasm is totally harmless because the sons are too busy to read these lines.


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