Weekend November 26. Delayed with my computer problems.

Written by Jack van Ommen on November 28th, 2016

I picked up the older Toshiba laptop with the newer recovered Dell Inspiron solid hard drive in it and the Toshiba hard drive put into a USB frame, as an exterior drive. It improved the speed on the older Toshiba, traditional drive, by a 100%. But it did not last. On Sunday morning it froze up, blue screens and unable to reboot. I spent a good part of Sunday trying to revive it. This morning, Monday, I switched the two hard drives. And all is well, but slow.  Now I need to get the charts to come up. But at least I have not lost any of my data in the surf at Cabo San Lucas. My good Dutch-American friend Evert Slijper introduced me to another Dutch-American friend of his, Robert, who stranded here with his wife 19 years ago, on their way from Newport Beach to the South Pacific. Fascinating life this couple has lived and still is. On his office wall is a picture of him with Bill Gates in the eighties presenting the first CD-Rom drive, from his employer the Dutch Phillips company.  Their home is high up above the old town of Puerto Vallarta overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Right next door is what used to be the home of Liz Taylor who with Richard Burton and “The Night of the Iguana” put the sleepy fishing village of P.V. on the world scene in 1964.DCIM100GOPRO

“El Jefe” ha muerto

The first of the four advent candles were lit at the small church on the village square here in La Cruz. The service was  directed towards the children who had come to have their advent wreaths blessed. The priest has a very close rapport with them. Wonderful to see so many youngsters actively participating in the service, choir and sacraments.




The Sunday market on the bay at La Cruz


“Fleetwood” is being swallowed up. And high above a friggin frigate bird.








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