Sunday, November 20th. “Christ the King”

Written by Jack van Ommen on November 20th, 2016

I just pray that P.V. will not become my “Marguerite Ville”. I have that February 28th deadline. I could just put the anchor down here and look after that jigger of salt. I love this place. If I remember right, we first vacationed here in 1979. My second wife, Laura, was an Alaskan Airline attendant and Alaska had just started a service to P.V. and we came here regularly in the following years. After the 1986 divorce, Lisa, my #1 daughter, worked for Alaska Air and the privilege continued. She quit and as threatened I broke her legs and P.V. became history. I am pleased to find that the older part of town is still very much like I remember it.

I am still experimenting with the Go-Pro video camera. I tried it today with the camera on the top of my head. I learned that I need to focus it lower. Eventually I’ll get it right. I also find that just like the Flip Pro that it does not have much of a distance zoom capability.

Today’s video:

There was one open spot at a table of a family of five in a restaurant across from the church. They graciously allowed me to join their table. They were vacationing here from, I believe, the state of Zacatecas, just a wonderful family, the oldest daughter was 24 and I got into real trouble when I guessed her age much lower, her sister was seven and her brother Fernando 18, I did not retain the names except the father and the son are Fernando and the mother Marie. I talked too much and Fernando paid my breakfast. Just a delight to share their table.They also attended the same 12 o’clock mass. I expect to post a picture they took on the next blog. This is what I find to be the most rewarding part of my journey to meet people like this lovely family and brothers and sisters in the same Faith. SoloMan but never alone.




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