Thursday October 1st. A short cruise in the South Sound.

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 1st, 2015

Because of the work on the book, I kept postponing a summer cruise. With the actual writing of the English version of “Soloman”done, two weeks ago, I took advantage of the favorable weather forecast. I left Tuesday afternoon and had planned to return tomorrow. There was wind about half of the way to Long Branch. Yesterday I turned around from my planned destination, Jarrell Cove on Hartstene Island. I sailed the first hour or so and then when the sun came through the fog the wind disappeared. I motored back through Pitt Passage and spent the night at anchor in Shaw’s Cove, near Green Point. Right in front of the gorgeous beach home I built there in 1983. I used to moor “Fleetwood” at a float in the cove. I sold the house in 1986 after my second divorce. Feelings of nostalgia and loss, seeing the lights burning in the dining room, but then it would have been difficult to travel the last ten years to 51 countries taking that home along with me. Or even on this short wonderful trip to familiar scenery on the water. ¬†And it made me decide to make these short trips more often when the weather and wind permits. From the Narrows Bridge onward I had a very nice sail and I managed to get the Monitor wind vane to steer the boat, even in fluky winds. I had a problem getting the vane to work on the Jack and Jill race. There is still a learning process to become acquainted with the way this boat is set up. Waiting for the fog to clear yesterday morning in Long Branch, at anchor, I managed to review a chunk of “Soloman”.



Because of homeowner assoc. rules I had to build flat roof but apparently the rules changed since, judging from newer home.

Surf Scoters in Shaw's cove

Surf Scoters in Shaw’s cove


Can anyone identify? Murrelets?

Can anyone identify? Murrelets?

Spit at high tide in Shaw's Cove looking at Fox Island SW corner.

Spit at high tide in Shaw’s Cove looking at Fox Island SW corner.







A log boom to Olympia

A log boom to Olympia


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