Friday, August 7th. Walking on Water

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 7th, 2015

There is a black Lab here in the marina that can walk on water. Her name is Ladyhawke.


These dogs are rare. A few years ago there was a lawyers convention in the Toronto Sheraton. A Los Angeles lawyer had been told that there was a dog breeder up north from Toronto who had bred a very special bird dog. He rents a car and finds the place out in the country. The breeder shows him a few of the dogs that he has for sale, but the Californian is not impressed. He tells the man: “What about that special bird dog?” ┬áThe breeder looks at him and says: “I guess the word is out, this is a very expensive dog, but I’ll bring one out”.

He brings the black lab out and throws a decoy out on the lake. The dog tiptoes over the lake’s surface, picks up he decoy and places it back at the man’s feet. Our California lawyer is sold and pays the $50,000. Two weeks later he goes duck hunting with his buddies and his new bird dog carefully walks on the water and retrieves his ducks. On the drive back to Los Angeles the lawyer just can’t stand it any longer. “What do you guys think of my new dog?” One of the men turns to him and says: “We’ve been meaning to talk to you about it. There is something wrong with this dog.” “What do you mean?” he asks. “Your dog can’t swim.”



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  1. Ken Buckner says:

    Hawke really enjoys flying. We had a great time at Arabella’s and enjoyed meeting you.

  2. Helen says:

    I wish I could see that dog in action

  3. Dobri Den, Helen
    You need to walk across the Atlantic to see that Black Labrador do his tricks. Hope all is well with you and that you are making many more of your colorful paintings.