Friday Fresh Fish for Fishheads- June 26 Bermuda

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 26th, 2009
Sanit George Bermuda

Saint George Bermuda

I dropped the anchor at 15.30 hrs (16.30 Bermuda time) in Saint George Harbor, Bermuda.
During the night I did not make very much progress. I had put two reefs in before dark because I was on the edge of overpowering the wind vane. But then, while asleep, the wind dropped down again and changed direction. All I could squeeze out of the full main and wing on wing with the poled out 140% was about 3 1/2 knots, at day break and that would have put me into Bermuda at sun down. But using the engine and the full main I managed to get it up to 5 1/2 knots and the sail still drawing.

And using very little fuel. Learnt a new trick.

I checked in with customs and am now sitting in a harbo(u)r side cafe drinking a cold Carlsberg draft. The waiter is Serbian and thanks to my old friend Roman Wydra I could whip up my Serbo Croation on him.

You have read my despairing remarks on visiting former British colonies, on this voyage, blandness in architecture, food, etc.

Bermuda is a total turn around. Of the little I have seen so far. The pictures will tell the story. I am glad I stopped here.

Oh, the fish. I decided to try one more time even though the Saragossa seaweeds were all over. When I felt the weight on the line I pulle din to defoul the weeds. When the end of the line got within 10 foot of the boat I realized that I had a fish on it. The smallest fish I have bagged so far. A 10″ blue fin Tuna. I ate most of it as Sashimi, for lunch. Beautiful dark red meat. Looking at the menu prices here, I am glad I have enough of it left over for dinner.

To-morrow I will try find the Rigger for Harken twin foil feeder part, fix the water tank leak, repair the goose neck.

Sunday, ride the klap fiets and find a church and take pictures. Hopefully I’ll have a good window to set off for the Azores on Monday.

A wild gale force day signing off
A wild gale force day signing off
Bosun or Tropic Bird

Bosun or Tropic Bird



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